Length of Course: 12 hours
Location: Dependent on the students. Mobile training for this class is also available.
Course Level: Starter

Who teaches this course?

This course is taught by an NRA-certified firearms instructor.


The NRA Basic Rifle Course is designed to teach the knowledge, skills and attitude necessary for owning and using a Rifle safely. The course is perfect for the new Rifle owner and serves as an introductory course for more advanced hunting or competition rifle match training. The basics of marksmanship are the lifelong building blocks for many other hunting or shooting sports. The goal of the Basic Rifle course familiarize you with the correct operation and maintenance all types of Rifles, along with teaching you how to handle and shoot them safely.

Any person of good character who is not legally disqualified from possessing a Rifle in the U.S. can attend this class. All persons of less than 18 years of age may only take this course with their parent or with an adult guardian.

Our team of NRA Certified Rifle Instructors will teach this approximately 12 hour course. Depending on the class size and ability, the instructors may adjust lesson time to assure sufficient repetitions to develop skills.


  1. Rifle Knowledge and Safe Gun Handling

  2. Ammunition Knowledge and the Fundamental of Safe Rifle Operations

  3. Fundamentals of Rifle Marksmanship

  4. Proper Cleaning and Storage of all types of Rifles

  5. Firing the First Shots

  6. Shooting Sports and related activities along with advice on selection of a Rifle

This 12 hour course combines classroom along with live fire range time. H5R1 training instructors provides all targets and needed documentation along with the NRA course materials.

Prerequisites: None. You do not need to own or bring a Rifle to attend this NRA class. All persons of less than 18 years of age may only take this course with their parent or with an adult guardian. If you wish to bring your own Rifle, please contact H5R1 for the requirements and legal transport restrictions of your firearm. H5R1 training will provide eye and hearing protection for all students involved in the course.

This NRA Basic Rifle class is a 12+- hour course with a fee of $650.00

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